2017 Tournament Features


DECEMBER 29-30, 2017



·         Oldest holiday wrestling tournament in the United States.

·         Opportunity to compete against a large field of teams and top notch wrestlers from throughout Ohio and other states.  Of the wrestlers who competed at last year’s December, 2016 Brecksville Holiday Tournament, 190 qualified to the 2017 Ohio and Michigan State Tournaments.  Of those 190 SQs, 114 placed, with 37 Finalists and 23 State Champs.  We expect this year’s event to be equally as accomplished.

·         Only major tournament where roster and seeding changes are permitted and incorporated into final bracket at weigh-ins, if desired by coach.

·         Two adjacent gymnasiums and adjacent cafeteria provide an excellent venue for this event.

·         Large main gymnasium with ample seating for fans, wrestlers and coaches.

·         Double elimination wrestling on nine (9) full sized mats in two adjacent gymnasiums.

·         Warm-up mat area in auxiliary gym.

·         We utilize 2 active (3 total) officials per mat for Quarters, Semis, Finals, and all placement matches.

·         Feature electronic projector to display Bout Status Board, located in both gyms, indicating by match number who is wrestling on which mat, and which wrestlers are: on deck; or 5, 10, and 15 minutes out, by mat number.  Projection is large, bright and easy to read.

·        Video monitors also located in the auxiliary gym, cafeteria, and hospitality room displaying the bout status board so that wrestlers, coaches, and fans can follow the wrestlers’ movements to the mats.

·         All 9 mats feature either four- or three-sided electronic score clocks, which are elevated on pedestals and also display the bout number being wrestled.

·         Available brackets listing bout numbers, which can be matched to the number on the score-clocks and the bout status board to determine which mat the bout is on and the wrestler's names on the bracket.

·         Individual awards to the top eight (8) wrestlers.

·         Incomparable and endless hospitality room for coaches, officials, media, and workers.


·         An excellent and very cohesive tournament committee that works all year round planning and organizing our tournament.

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