2018 BIHT Seeding Criteria



Based on conversations at our pre-tournament coaches’ meeting prior to the DEC 2016 Brecksville Invitational Holiday Tournament (BIHT), structural changes to the seeding process were reviewed and went into effect in DEC 2016 and going forward.  These structural changes, as described below, will again be in effect for the DEC 2018 event.


A.  The tournament criteria used in previous years (see 1-11 below) will still be in effect and serve as a starting point.


1.  2018 State tournament placement.

2   2017 Brecksville 1st/2nd

3.  2018 District 1st/2nd

4.  2017 Brecksville 3rd/4th

5.  2018 District 3rd/4th

6.  2017 State tournament placement.

7.  2016 State tournament placement.

8.  2017 Brecksville 5th-8th

9.  2018 District 5th

10.  Last year’s record, at least 0.600 win percentage, 20 match minimum.

11.  This year’s record, at least 0.600 win percentage, 7 match minimum.


B.  Definitions:

Tournament seeding criteria = criterion 1 through 9 on the above list.

District tournament = the tournament that qualifies you to state (i.e. regional in Michigan, semi-state in Indiana).


C.  The tournament criteria as listed above (1-9) will only serve as a starting point.  As in previous years, all wrestlers meeting tournament seeding criteria (1-9) will be seeded.  Criteria 10 and 11 will be used to assure that a minimum of 8 will be seeded.  Additionally, the tournament committee reserves the right to re-order the seeded wrestlers based on reasonable judgement (e.g., current season head-to-head results, national level performances, etc.).


D.  In addition, the tournament committee will consider any and all other members of the field for seeding, primarily based on the following factors:


1.   FOR FRESHMEN ONLY, performance at the prevailing junior high state tournament within your state (i.e., for Ohio wrestlers, that would be OAC States).


2.  Performance at major national level events (i.e. Cadet/Junior Nationals – FS only, Super 32 Challenge – HS division, Flo Nationals – HS division, Preseason Nationals – either HS division).


3.  Current year head-to-head results over wrestlers in this field meeting tournament seeding criteria, or other opposition on the wrestler’s schedule that would meet these type of criteria.


E.  With that said, the same seeding guarantees remain as in previous years:  a minimum of eight wrestlers per weight class will be seeded, all wrestlers meeting tournament criteria will be seeded.  However, the final number of seeds, order of seeds, and who is seeded is at the judgement of the tournament committee.