2018 Weigh-In/Weigh Out Procedure





1.  Weigh-Ins (WIs) and Weigh-Outs (WOs) will both be conducted on the first day of competition Friday DEC 28 in weight-class order.   WIs will be held at 8 AM, while WOs will occur at approximately 7 PM.  It is imperative that all wrestlers are present at the start of the 8 AM  WIs.


2.  WIs on Day 1 will be preceded by skin, finger nail, hair, and jewelry checks.  Any doctors’ notes must be presented at the 8 AM WIs.


3.  A weight check will be available for one hour preceding the official start of WIs, and all day before WOs..


4.  National Federation and OHSAA rules prohibit weight cutting to occur during the WI process..


5.  During the morning’s WIs a wrestler will have only one opportunity to weigh-in, exercising their option to challenge all scales available for the WIs immediately when their turn comes up for WIs.  A suitable undergarment must be worn to cover one’s private anatomy while stepping on the scales during the WIs and WOs..


6.  A coach must be present at the scales at all times during the first day of WIs so that if a change to the roster must be made, it is done at the time a weight-class is being weighed-in. 


7.  I need to know if any wrestlers that are participating at Brecksville will also be competing on consecutive days immediately preceding the Brecksville tournament so that proper weight allowances can be made in advance.  That means they would have to be wrestling in a legitimate, scheduled, and verifiable, high school competition on Thursday DEC 27 and then also be competing at Brecksville on Fri DEC 28.


8.  Also, please let me know if any team will be entering a female wrestler so that proper arrangements can be made for skin check and WIs.


An Outline Of The SC/WI/WO Process Follows:


1st Skin-Checks/Weigh-Ins:  Friday, DEC 28, 2018,  8 AM---(Applies to ALL wrestlers).

1.  Upon arrival, all teams are to check in and confirm their roster at the doorway to the teachers’ lounge, located straight ahead, at the end of the hall by which you entered the school.  You must submit a copy of your official Alpha Roster to the check-in personnel. The copy of the Alpha Roster will not be returned.


2.  Weight Check:  7-8 AM in Auxiliary Gym.


3.  All wrestlers must report to the Main Gym by 8 AM until their weight class is called and they are released to the SC/WI area.


4.  SCs & WIs:  Start at 8 AM and End when the last 285 weighs in, by weight class, in weight class order.

            -All wrestlers must be in the Main Gym by 8 AM for the start of SCs/WIs.

            -Wrestlers will be released from the Main Gym to the Auxiliary Gym for Skin Checks and WIs in weight class order.

            -The OHSAA 2 lb. growth allowance will be in effect.  The granting of the 2 lbs. requires that a wrestler previously made scratch

                 weight and competed.  Example: 106 lb. wrestlers can weigh in at 108 lb.

            -A coach from each team must be present at the scales at all times during WIs for any last minute roster changes.

            -Any Dr’s Skin Forms must be presented during the 8 AM WIs.


Weigh-Outs:  Friday, DEC 28, 2018, approx. 7:00 PM.---(Applies only to wrestlers still competing on Day 2).

1.  Weight Check:  available all day on one scale in Auxiliary Gym.


2.  At approximately 7 PM we will start Weigh-Outs of those wrestlers that will still be competing on the 2nd day. 

          -Wt classes will be released to Weigh-Outs at the conclusion of wrestling by each weight class for that evening.

          -One additional pound will be granted beyond any in effect for the morning’s WIs.  Example: 106 lb. wrestlers can weigh out at 109 lb.

           -Once a wrestler is released for WOs there is no limit to the number of times he may step on the scales to make weight within the

                   period that the scales are open.


Skin Checks for Day 2 Wrestlers  DEC 29, 2018.

            -8:45 AM    ALL wrestlers competing on Day 2 may use this time slot.  Wrestlers in Consolations.must use this time slot.

            -11:45 AM  ALL wrestlers in Day 2 semifinalists must use this time slot if they did not attend the 8:45 AM time slot.


Coaches Please Note:

If you experience a transportation problem or any other type of emergency and will not be arriving by the start of Weigh-Ins, 8 AM, Friday DEC 28, you must call and actually talk (do not leave a message) with one of the following individuals before 8 AM.

                216-287-6108 (Cell), Todd Haverdill, Brecksville Head Coach.

                440-781-3359 (Cell), Scott DeTray, Tournament Bracket Manager.

                440-241-4160 (Cell), Nick Dimitris, Tournament Director.


Nick J. Dimitris