2018 Coaches' Letter 2 dated 11/25/18


December 28-29, 2018

November 25, 2018

Hello Coaches:

Greetings from the Brecksville Wrestling Tournament Committee.  There are four important documents attached to this email.  Item # 3 below requires your immediate attention.



1.  2018 Weigh-In Procedure (1 sheet) is extremely important for your review.  There will be two weigh-ins (WI’s) in the morning, one on each day of the tournament.  Each WI will be conducted in the same manner, by weight class, in weight class order.  There will be no weight cutting during the WI’s.  A weight check will be available for one hour before the official start of WI’s.  Each day’s WI will be preceded by a Skin Check (SC).  The SC on the second day is required of all 2-day tournaments.  In order to start the tournament on time we need your help in order to conduct an efficient WI.  Please have all wrestlers at the school Main Gymnasium before the 8 AM start of WI’s on both days.



2.  2018 Tournament Timetable (1 sheet) lists important events with their due dates.  It also lists the wrestling times for the three sessions.



3.  2018 Tournament Program Book Coaches and Wrestlers Biographical Information Sheet (1 sheet).  Each year we publish a tournament Program Book in which we want to list your wrestlers and their past Varsity accomplishments.  We do not want Jr. Varsity data.  For this purpose we have developed a single sheet blank form that is attached to this email.  It must be downloaded, saved, completed, and returned to Nick Dimitris via email to njdimitris@aol.com by Tuesday, DEC 4, 2018.  This is early into your season but remember we are looking for info from prior years, not this year’s data.   The early due date is necessary to assemble and forward the data to our tournament book printer.


We hope you find the form easy to use.  Please fill in the wrestlers’, coaches’, and school data in the appropriate boxes.  List your anticipated tournament roster.  Please note this roster is not necessarily your final roster and may be changed later, up to and including during weigh-ins.  The intent of this form is to provide biographical data for your anticipated roster of wrestlers for inclusion in our tournament Program Book.


We request that you give this matter the attention it deserves so that our wrestlers can get the recognition they deserve for all of their hard work and past accomplishments.  This section in our Program Book is a fan, coach, and wrestler favorite.


Again, please email the completed Wrestlers’ Biographical data sheet to Nick Dimitris at njdimitris@aol.com, by Tuesday DEC 4, 2018.  Please use an IBM style PC employing MS Excel software.  An Apple Mac computer will present problems for me.  No Google documents either please.  Thanks.



4.  2018 Seeding Criteria (1 sheet) lists the priority sequence of seeding criteria used at Brecksville.



5.  Again this year we will be using TrackWrestling software to manage the event.  Consequently Team Registration and Seeding will be done Online via the TrackWrestling web site.  Administering the program will be two seasoned TrackWrestling experts, Rob Merhar and Gary Kanaga.  One of them will contact you directly via email to describe the process and provide instructions on the procedure.  There will be no other way to register and seed your team.  The 2018 Team Entry Window will open at 8 am on Wednesday 12/12/18 and close precisely at 4 PM on Thursday 12/27/18.  Once you have entered your team you may make changes to your roster as many times as you wish until 4 PM Thursday 12/27/18.


After the close of the Entry Window there will be opportunities to make any last minute roster changes via email, or at the 7:30 PM mandatory coaches’ meeting on Thursday 12/27/18, or during weigh-ins.  For any roster changes after the Entry Window has closed please contact Rob Merhar (Primary Contact) at (robert.merhar@nordoniaschools.org) 216-496-2827 (C), or Gary Kanaga (Secondary Contact) at (gary.kanaga@nordoniaschools.org) 440-241-5979 (C).  They will handle your changes.  Please do not contact or email Nick Dimitris.  Coaches are urged to familiarize yourself with the TrackWrestling process and register your team early.   Remember, you can make changes to your team registration as often as you need to via the TrackWrestling web site.  Questions on the TrackWrestling process are to be directed to Rob and Gary.  We ask that coaches be timely in registering and seeding their team using the TrackWrestling software.


Visit our school’s wrestling web site:  www.brecksvillewrestling.com and click on the “Holiday Tournament” pick.  All of the tournament documents are also available on our web site.


Nick Dimitris.

BIHT Tourn. Director.

440-526-1899 (H)