2018 Coaches' Letter 3 dated 12/24/18



December 28-29, 2018


December 24, 2018


Hello Coaches:


The following are items of great importance for the 2018 Brecksville Invitational Holiday Wrestling Tournament.



Team Registration and Seeding must be done Online via the TrackWrestling web site.  Administering the program will be two TrackWrestling experts, Rob Merhar and Gary Kanaga.  Rob has already contacted you directly via email to describe the process and provide the instructions on how to register your team.  The 2018 Team Entry Window will close precisely at 4 PM on Thursday 12/27/18.  Once you have entered your team you may make changes to your roster as many times as you wish until 4 PM Thursday 12/27/18.  After the close of the Entry Window there will be opportunities to make any last minute roster changes via email, or at the 7:30 PM mandatory coaches’ meeting on Thursday 12/27/18, or during weigh-ins.  For any roster changes after the Entry Window has closed please contact Rob Merhar (Primary Contact) (robert.merhar@nordoniaschools.org) 216-496-2827 (C), or Gary Kanaga (Secondary Contact) (gary.kanaga@nordoniaschools.org) 440-241-5979 (C). Questions on the TrackWrestling process are to be directed to Rob and Gary.




The “2018 Tournament Timetable" revised to incorporate the Weigh-Outs is enclosed listing critical dates and times for the conduct of the tournament.



COACHES’ SEEDING/ROSTER REVIEW MEETING. (Thursday, 12/27/18, 7:30 PM, Room 139).

Please note at this subject first mandatory coaches’ meeting we will distribute a “Coaches’ Packet”, which will include admissions passes:  for wrestlers, coaches, coaches’ wives, and school administrators.  Also, this meeting will permit coaches to familiarize themselves with the seeding process and seeded wrestlers.  Additionally, and more importantly to the bracketing process, it will permit coaches to tell us of any last minute roster changes from those previously submitted.  Coaches are asked to communicate any changes to their Online Registration, after the Entry Window has closed, as soon as they become aware of them to our TrackWrestling representative Rob Merhar, contacts as listed above.  Our goal is to minimize the changes and surprises during the weigh-in period on Friday morning.  We want weigh-ins to go as smoothly as possible so that we can generate a final bracket for coaches to review at the Final Coaches’ Meeting scheduled for 10:15 AM, Friday, 12/28/18, so as to start wrestling by 11 AM. 



OPEN MATS/SCALES.  Please note that our mats in both gyms will be open for workouts on Thursday, 12/28/17 between 3 - 7 PM.  The official scales will also be available in the auxiliary gym for wrestlers to check their weight.  We hope the open mats/open scales will be incentive, especially for out of town teams, to arrive in time for coaches to attend the 7:30 PM seeding/roster review meeting.



WEIGHT-CHECK // SKIN CHECK // WEIGH-INS // WEIGH-OUTS.  (Friday 12/28/18, Auxiliary Gym).

Please review the enclosed "2018 Weigh-In & Weigh-Outs Procedure" revised to incorporate Weigh-Outs for the details on weight checks, skin checks, weigh-ins, and weigh-outs.  As stated in the email I recently sent you, the OHSAA, at our request, has granted us permission to conduct Weigh-Outs on Friday evening in lieu of Weigh-Ins Saturday morning.


 Any doctors’ notes required for skin checks must be presented at Friday morning’s Weigh-Ins.  Wrestlers must use the official National Federation Skin Condition form.  A copy is provided herein.  Also, please see the attached letter from Tom Iannetta, Brecksville H. S. Athletic Trainer.


Our bottleneck in previous years has been the skin check area due to questionable skin conditions and incomplete or missing paperwork.  Coaches, if a wrestler has a skin condition please make sure he has the official form properly filled out and signed by his physician.  Form must be current.  Because a skin condition may have changed for the worse since the last time your athlete had visited his doctor, the decision by our doctor is final.  We will extend every benefit of doubt to your wrestler, but, you will agree that, we must abide by this policy for the protection of all athletes.


During Friday morning’s Weigh-Ins, if a wrestler does not make weight on the scale to which he is assigned he will be given the opportunity at that time to weigh-in on any of the other scales that are available for the weigh-ins.  If he still does not make weight, then his coach may scratch him from the roster, move him up, and/or substitute another wrestler who must be available to weigh-in at that point in the line-up.  The substitute must also pass the skin-check before weighing in.  We ask the cooperation of all teams to arrive in ADVANCE of the 8 am Weigh-In time.


PLEASE NOTE:  We were not made aware of any wrestlers that will be competing elsewhere on Thursday 12/27/18 and then at Brecksville.  Consequently there will be NO ADDITIONAL weight allowance granted on Friday 12/28/18 for consecutive days of competition.  The OHSAA 2 lb. growth allowance will be in effect.  Recognize that the granting of the 2 lb. growth allowance requires that a wrestler previously made scratch weight and competed.  Finally, there will be an additional 1 lb. allowance granted during Weigh-Outs Friday 12/28/18 evening for consecutive days of competition.


Example:  the 106 lb. wt class will be 108 lbs. at Friday (DEC 28) morning’s WI’s, and 109 lbs.  at Friday evening’s WO’s.



You must submit a copy of your official Alpha Roster when you check your team in on Friday morning, 12/28/18.  The Alpha Roster will not be returned.




A list of area restaurants, our host hotel and a map of their locations and the location of the high school is enclosed for your convenience.  Remember, that our Host Hotel is the Holiday Inn-Cleveland South/Independence.  Contact Maureen Labyk at 216-524-8050, Ext 191 and state that you want the rooms and rate ($74) reserved for the Brecksville Holiday Tournament.  They provide complimentary rooms for our out of town officials contingent on the quantity booked.  




Fri 12/28/18, Session 1          Sat 12/29/18, Sessions 2 or 3        All-Sessions Pass

$17 Adult all day pass             $12 Adult per each Session             $32 Adult

$7 Student under age 12         $5 Student under age 12                 $15 Student under age 12


             $12 Adult after 5 PM

             $5 Student after 5 PM


Coaches’ and athletes’ admissions passes will be distributed in the “Coaches’ Packet” during the “Mandatory Coaches Seeding/Roster Review Meeting” on Thursday, 12/27/18 at 7:30 PM.  The athletes will receive passes, while the coaches will receive hospital style wristbands.  Four wrist bands will be provided for you and your assistant coaches and they are to be used both days.  Please put them on snugly.  The wristbands will also serve as your admission to our Hospitality Suite.


Four additional admissions-only passes to the building will be included in the “Coaches’ Packet” for school administrators, coaches’ wives, etc.



An excellent Hospitality Suite will be provided by volunteer workers with much of the food donated by wrestlers’ families and local merchants.  The Hospitality Suite is provided as a convenience and courtesy to coaches, referees, media, and tournament staff.  Wrestlers and fans are not permitted in the Hospitality Suite.  As stated, a snugly fitting wristband provided for admission to the building by coaches will, also, be required for entry into the Hospitality Suite.  Your cooperation in this matter will be greatly appreciated.



Locker room assignments will be posted.  Your wrestlers should consider placing their sports bags in the lockers.  Ask them to double-up with a teammate because we do not have 500 lockers.  Additionally, coolers are to be left in our adjoining cafeteria.  The stands will be required for all of us to sit in and not occupied by sports bags and coolers.  Each year we receive many complaints about bags and coolers taking up valuable sitting space.  We strongly urge wrestlers to bring locks to secure their valuables and belongings. Brecksville-Broadview Hts. High School and the school district will not be responsible for any stolen or missing belongings. 


QUESTIONS:  Can be directed to Nick Dimitris, Tournament Director.  Email or call me.  Leave message and telephone number if get answering machine.

                                                Nick J. Dimitris

                                                440-526-1899 (Home)

                                                440-241-4160 (Cell)

                                                email:  njdimitris@aol.com


Visit our school’s wrestling web site for tournament info, seeding, and results:  www.brecksvillewrestling.com.