September 24, 2019

2019-2020 Youth Wrestling (& Assad Academy) Information:


Changes for Bees Wrestling Club and Youth Wrestling 2019-2020

We are continually trying to improve on what we offer our youth and MS wrestlers and this year is no exception. I will try to explain the changes and address as many questions as possible here.


Wrestling… is more than just a game. In fact, when broken down, every aspect of the sport serves as a key element to becoming a more driven, hard-working, and tested individual. It develops core values that young student athletes can take along their life journey and apply in every aspect of their lives not only now but forever. At Assad Academy, we recognize that. Our mission is to develop not only the physical, but the mental, and emotional aspects of the sport. In addition, Assad Academy serves as Brecksville’s largest High School feeder program. One of the Nation’s Top Wrestling programs. Our goal is to not only prepare each student athlete for NOW, but also prepare them for the next level with ultimately having a vision of making Brecksville THE BEST wrestling program in the country. 


Anyone can teach a single or a double leg. At Assad Academy, we teach our wrestlers to have a growth mindset and to think outside the box. Wrestling is a form of art, and we have to learn to evolve from one day to the next. Challenging our wrestlers everyday by putting them in positions to learn and grow will help create and develop their strengths. Offering multiple levels of wrestling will allow us to focus on your child’s current skill set. The best thing about wrestling is that there is no perfect body type and any style of wrestling can be successful!

Wrestling Signups/Registration

All signups will be done through the Bees Wrestling Club (NOT through the Brecksville Rec Center). All wrestlers in grades K-8 (with the exception of those competing on the Brecksville Middle School Team) will need to register online at:

§     The fee for registration for Bees Wrestling Club will be a flat fee of $100. Additional fees are assigned to the higher Assad Academy levels with more volume of practice. Payment can be made at practice via cash or check (payable to: Bees Wrestling Club), and online via PayPal.

§    Mandatory parents meeting Thursday, October 24th during practice!


There will be 4 levels of the overall Bees Wrestling Club to address the various skill levels and experience levels of our wrestlers. Coaches will decide on the levels after two weeks, as well as the wrestler’s state placement/state qualifications. The goal is to get each kid in the right level of instruction and training partners, to give them the goal of moving up to the next level.


October 21st- March 27th

Bees Wrestling Club...

§         6th Grade & Under- Bees Wrestling Club Fee $100

*  Beginner level | OWYA on Sundays | Not required to compete

*  Tuesday 5:30-7:00 |Thursday 5:30-7:00

§     Bees Wrestling Club is the equivalent of last year’s All-Stars.  It is intended for kids new to the sport and for our young kids. Important notes for this Level: Competitions will follow the North Olmsted OYWA Sunday schedule. Competing at North Olmsted is NOT a requirement, but that is the competition opportunity we will offer to get kids acclimated to wrestling a match outside of practice.

Assad Academy Bronze

§         6th Grade & Under- Bees Wrestling Club Fee + $125

*  Advanced Youth | OWYA optional | Duals and Tournaments

*  The largest group of Assad Academy

*  6th Graders may move up during season, Coaches discretion

*  Assad Academy Scheduled Events FREE!

*  Monday 5:30-7:00 | Tuesday 5:30-7:00 |Thursday 5:30-7:00

§     Bronze is the first step to taking your child to the next level in their wrestling. Moving on from rec wrestling to travel/club wrestling. Competitions will follow the North Olmsted OYWA Sunday varsity schedule for those interested in continuing OYWA competitions. Bronze will also compete in duals and tournaments throughout the year.

Assad Academy Silver

§         4th – 6th Grade- Bees Wrestling Club Fee + $325

*  Must go through the Assad Academy Select Process

*  Mindset Training

*  Weekly Technique Videos

*  Strength Training Available (Gold Price)

*  Assad Academy Scheduled Events FREE!

*  Monday 7:00-8:30 | Tuesday 7:00-8:30 | Thursday 7:00-8:30 | Friday 5:30-7:00

§     Silver will be wrestling at National level events combined with any Bronze level events they are interested in.

Assad Academy Gold

§         7th & 8th Grade- Bees Wrestling Club Fee + $425

*  Strength Training

*  Mindset Training

*  Weekly Technique Videos

*  Individualized Coaching Assignments

*  Assad Academy Scheduled Events FREE!

*  Monday 6:15-8:30 | Tuesday 7:00-8:30 | Thursday 6:15-8:30 | Friday 5:30-7:00

§     A high-level competition schedule will be developed for Gold to prepare for High School.